A change of perspective

Its a matter of sense

MSFIntegration is highly specific and detailed, hands-on integrative work

addressing all body systems and functions to restore a person to a more flexible and dynamically responsive state quickly, regardless of severity or chronicity of symptoms.

Principally, this is done by engaging the relevant, compromised senses within tissues

offering a small pressure differential to wake up the static sensory receptors throughout multiple, functional, interconnected systems.

Incorporating these methods into your current practice

will change your perspective on what is possible and your relationship with your clients.
Staff and Training

Our Team

Dr. Lisa Hastings has been developing her own methods since 2005.  In 2015 she named her body of work MultiSensory Functional Integration because our issues arise from what we can no longer perceive in a dynamic and complex hierarchy of need and coordination with our internal and external environments, not from what we forgot how to do or because of how broken we think we are.  Lisa started teaching these methods in 2016.  Rebekah Foulks manages logistics of both the Clear Point Wellness practice and MSFIntegration training.



Each seminar is useful on its own, collectively they are part of a more comprehensive method of care. Seminars are offered 4 weekends per year, Sat/Sun; 6-7 hrs/day for a total of 105 hours of curriculum in 8 separate seminars. The first and second levels are prerequisites for further seminars.  Participation in each seminar leaves you with a unique set of tools, perspectives, and forms of engagement to take home and explore with your clients right away.

  • Level 1 – Basic Biological Systems Review and Tools for Engagement; Biomechanics – Managing Gravity and Movement 
  • Level 2 – Biomechanics – Visceral, Cranial, and Gait; Conscious Adaptation to Stressors and Immediate Demands
  • Level 3 – Fluid Pressure Dynamics; Biomechanical and Visual Coordination
  • Level 4 – Relationships to Self: Energetic and Fascial Systems; Relationships to Environment: Energetic Fascia and Weight Bearing
  • Level 5 – Unconscious Adaptation to Stressors and Requirement to Survive; 16 Phases of immune adaption
  • Level 6 – Active Nurturing of Body and Soul –Beyond Relaxing Protective Mechanisms; Relationships Between Gut, Biome, and Brain
  • Level 7 – Workshop Symptom Specific – TMJ, Cranial, Shoulders, Allergies, Adrenal Fatigue, Sinuses
  • Level 8 – Integration of All Levels: Efficient System Work; Sharing of Most Recent Findings


Level 1 – Weekend closest to the 20th of May yearly
Level 2 – Weekend closest to the 20th of July, yearly
First Sat./Sun. in October, Level TBA
Weekend closest to the 23rd of March, Level TBA
Class Info & Pricing

Upcoming Classes & Pricing

A certified MultiSensory Functional Integration Practitioner participates in at least 5 seminars and passes a practical test.

Upcoming Seminar Dates

May 20/21, 2017 – Level 1
July 22/23, 2017 – Level 2

March 24/25, 2018 – Level TBA
May 12/13, 2018 – Level 1
July 21/22, 2018 – Level 2
October 6/7, 2018 – Level TBA

Class Info

MSFI Level 1 Flyer – May 20/21, 2017 – MSFIntegrationFlyerEmail052017
Syllabus Level 1 Training – May 20/21, 2017 – SyllabusMSFILev1-052017
All 8 Seminar Outline – msfi-8-seminar-content

Registration and Pricing

Level 1 – 12 hrs (6 Sat, 6 Sun) – $395
Save $25 for TCA members and early registration (6 weeks prior) – $370
Late registration (the week of) – $420

Level 2-8 – 14 hrs (7 sat, 7 sun) – $495
Save $25 for TCA members and early registration (6 weeks prior) – $470
Late registration (the week of) – $520

First 2 Seminars – Register for the first two seminars and save $100 – $790